Tracey Gocher

Tracey Gocher is the Assistant Principal of a School for Specific Purposes (SSP) in Sydney which is a reintegrating ED/BD setting.  Tracey began teaching as a high school science teacher and retrained in special education in the late 1990's.  With 18 years teaching across numerous settings she has taught students with mild, moderate and severe intellectual disabilities. She has also taught students with autism, students with emotional disabilities and behavioural disorders and complex co-morbid diagnosed and undiagnosed disabilities.  Tracey is currently the secretary of the Sutherland Teachers Association, a NSW Teachers Federation (NSWTF) Councillor, member of NSWTF Special Education Restricted Committee (SERC) and sits on the BOSTES Special Education Committee. She recently sat on a panel that made recommendations to the NSW Minister for Education in regards to pre service teacher training in special education. She has recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Education Law and has an interest in policy and practice surrounding all special education students and settings, ensuring they are afforded access to resources that allow for high quality public education.