Paula Madigan

Paula Madigan has been teaching for over 30 years in high schools across regional NSW, and has been Head Teacher English for the past twenty plus years. Her substantive position is Head Teacher English at Coffs Harbour High School but she is currently working as Curriculum Advisor for School Services.

Paula has extensive experience at all levels of Stage 6 English and has been actively involved in the NSW Department of Education’s Stage 6 mEsh project: leading the team that created the Craft of Writing (Advanced) unit, overseen the development of 13 additional Yr 12 units written by teams of regional English teachers, and continues to work across regional and rural NSW as mEsh Virtual Network Coordinator to support English faculties prepare for and implement the new Stage 6 Syllabuses.

She has presented at many conferences over her career and is looking forward to sharing the experiences of regional and rural English teachers at the CPL Secondary English Conference.