Luke Mastronardi

Luke Mastronardi is the Principal of a School for Specific Purposes (SSP) in South-Western Sydney, which is currently a 5-day model, ED/IM setting.

Originally from the NSW South Coast Luke began teaching as a primary school teacher in the Catholic education system in 2002. In 2004 Luke began teaching in special education for the NSW Department of Education in Western Sydney. In 2009 he completed a Master of Education and continued to support students with special needs as a school executive in alternate setting/s.

In late 2012 Luke was appointed Principal of an ED/IM setting and has remained in this position since. His passion continues to be supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds, promoting culture, and ensuring that curriculum is delivered with an individualised approach to suit the needs of every student.

More recently Luke has strongly promoted the importance of student and staff wellbeing across all areas of his setting. A number of initiatives across the school currently address this need and seek to improve general mental health.