Jenny Walker

Jenny Walker has had over 36 years’ experience as an educator in public schools and has been a Principal for 22 years in small country schools and large city schools. Jenny is currently Principal of Kellyville Public School and a Principal, Coach-Mentor.

Her teaching career has taken her from Liverpool to the Riverina, overseas on a Teacher Exchange and to Western Sydney. She has been Chair of the Primary Principals Association’s Aboriginal Education Reference group and has just finished her 2-year contract as a Principal School leader (PSL).

Jenny acknowledges her Aboriginality through her mother a Yuin woman and in the wider community, it is also acknowledged. She is a member of the Nurringingy AECG. Jenny has extensive experience and credibility as an educational leader in Aboriginal Education. As Acting Director Connected Communities, and relieving Director Aboriginal Education Community Engagement, she has excellent knowledge and understanding of the Department’s Aboriginal Education policy, the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy 2015 (ATSIEAP), the Department of Education Policy and Aboriginal Affairs (OCHRE) plan Aboriginal Language and Culture nests and the Premier’s priorities for Aboriginal students. Kellyville Public school is recognised as a leading school in the Hills network, demonstrating in partnership with the local Aboriginal community and AECG, how you can create and promote a school environment that respects and values local Aboriginal cultures and protocols.

Jenny is a self-motivated, dynamic, big picture individual who is passionate about Public Education. She is recognized as a strategic and accomplished school leader, a mentor and coach. Jenny has an inner strength and respect for people, which endears her to the whole school community. She leads by example and promotes constant re-evaluation and reflection. Jenny’s dedication to professional development and open communication in a safe and supportive environment is indicative of her desire to prepare all students for their future life. She communicates easily with everyone and promotes a feeling of family and a culture of belonging.

School Based
Classroom teacher Canley Vale 1982-84 Liverpool Region
Culcairn 1985-1989 Riverina Region
Executive teacher Walla Walla 1990-1991
Assistant Principal Culcairn 1992- 1996
Exchange teaching Preston Lancashire UK 1994
Principal P5 Brocklesby 1997-2000 Western Sydney Region
Principal P4 P3 Ellison 2001- 2006
Principal P2 Kellyville 2007- current

I have had the opportunity to relieve in the following positions:
Director Public Schools , Director Aboriginal Education and Connected Communities
Professional Support Officer Regional Director’s Office Western Sydney
Investigating Officer Western Sydney Region
Aboriginal Education Team Western Sydney
Aboriginal Education & Training Directorate:
Principal Contact officer 2011- 2014
Primary Principals Association:
Past: President Albury District Secretary Albury district
Awarded Research Grant for small schools
President Blue Mountains/Penrith District
Western Sydney representative: Innovation Reference group
Aboriginal Education Reference group
Chair: Aboriginal Education Reference group
PPA Representative Connected Communities – consultative group
PPA Representative Aboriginal Consultative working group
Principal Mentor: Principal Induction conference: 2010-2012 Leadership Unit

NSW Teachers Federation Anna Stewart Officer
Small school Committee: 1996-2000

Director General’s Award Brocklesby Public School 1999
Director General’s Award Ellison Public School 2005
Regional Director’s Award Outstanding School Leadership 2006
Regional Director’s Award Excellence in Educational Leadership 2011
Minister for Education Leadership Fellowship Award 2006 -2007
Fellow of LEAP: Leading Educators across the Planet.