David Smith

David Smith is passionate about social justice and equity. David has worked at Darlington

PS in Redfern as a beginning teacher 1989. Whilst at “Darlo” he learned what teaching

was really about, building positive relationships with children, resilience, humour and not

taking yourself too seriously. David was appointed to Bonnyrigg PS in Liverpool as a

beginning teacher from 1990-1994 where he became involved in the cooperative learning

movement and achieved his Masters degree. He also learned that leadership is as much

as what you do and as much as what you don’t do. Appointed to the role of executive

teacher at Cabramatta West PS, 1994-1996 he learnt about humility, the art of improving

leadership and most importantly the art of asking the right questions. As an Early Literacy

Consultant in the old Fairfield District 1997-1999 David worked with a large number of

schools and teachers K-2, being inspired by the brilliance of teachers and their students.

As a Deputy Principal at Canley Vale Public School 2000-2011 David learnt the most about learning, leading, compassion, resilience, perseverance and humility from staff and

students alike. You would think that being appointed as Principal Fairfield Public School

2011 to current, he would have nothing left to learn, boy are you wrong! David is learning

more and more everyday from the community, staff and students and hopes that the

learning continues every day.