Krystal Bevin

Krystal Bevin has 21 years’ experience with the Department of Education including leadership roles in a range of K – 12 contexts from remote Aboriginal communities to selective settings. As Principal of West Wallsend High School, Krystal believes student achievement is the product of high care, high support and high expectations - in learning, culture, relationships and in ensuring an ultimate sense of belonging. Krystal and her staff are committed to professional learning excellence leading to the provision of high-quality teaching and learning for all students.

Exemplar strategic and supportive educational leadership has led to significant whole school improvement and improved outcomes for all students. In 2020, the school received the NSW Secretary’s Award for an Outstanding School Initiative for Whole School Reading Improvement and was identified as one of the Top 50 Innovative Schools in Australia by The Educator. West Wallsend High School has also been the recipient of the 2019 Secretary’s Award for Excellence for HSC Improvement and the 2019 Premier’s Award for Providing High Quality Education.