Lila Mularczyk

Lila’s commitment to education was recognised by being honoured with the Order of Australia Medal (OAM), announced 2017. Lila has been contributing to public education for 40 years. She currently is undertaking a portfolio of work including leading or participating on multiple National and State Education Boards and Reference Groups (including, PEF, ACE, UTS, UNSW) professional experience officer, coach and mentor, UNSW Gonski Institute, State and National Chair and Vice Chair ACE, supporting HALT’s, tertiary lecturer, work in and for schools, research, contract work, NSWTF and CPL.

In recent years, Lila was the Director, Secondary Education, at the Department of Education.

Immediately prior, Lila was President of the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council (SPC) from 2012 to 2016. As President and as a school Principal, Lila represented Public Education around Australia, and also frequently globally, at conferences over many years. Lila was Principal at Merrylands High School for 15 years until 2016.

Lila has been awarded an ACE and ACEL State and National Fellowships and was acknowledged through the NSW Meritorious Service to Public Education Award along with Justice Michael Kirby and Richard Gill in 2012. In 2013/14 and 2020 Lila was included in the International Who’s Who Register and from 2005 to 2021 she has been the subject of several publications because of her leadership in educational roles as exampled by numerous journals and books, including: “The Stupid Country”, Empowering, Executives leaders, Entrepreneur’s 20th Edition, Movers and Shakers and “Wise Heads, Wise Hearts” and Leadership for the future.

Early in 2015, Lila was highly commended for her work with Bridges to Higher Education as a Woman of the West and has been awarded the prestigious NSW ACEL Patrick Duignan and the Principals’ Australia Institute (PAI) John Laing awards. Lila was also nominated for 2015 Australian of the Year. In 2016 she was awarded the Sir Harold Wyndham Award NSW and delivered the Wyndham Oration. Lila was awarded NSWSPC Life Membership in 2016 and Teachers Federation Association Level Life Membership 2017.