Carly Boreland

 Carly Boreland is the Assistant Director of the Centre for Professional Learning (CPL) and host of the CPL Podcast. She is also the Editor of the Journal of Professional Learning (JPL) and has been the creator and host of the JPL Podcast (now CPL Podcast).

Carly has been a History teacher and HSIE Head Teacher in NSW Public Schools, where she was an HSC marker and was also involved in environmental education. Carly is a graduate of both the University of Sydney and the University of Wollongong and she has taught in the Illawarra, South Western Sydney, and the Pacific island of Samoa, and has recently returned from living in Denmark.

Beyond the classroom, Carly has undertaken international research into the commercialisation of public education and has represented teachers in syllabus and policy development around teaching standards, professional learning and initial teacher education. Carly is interested in research and professional inquiry and she has worked at natural history and antiquity museums, been involved with organisations of Australian and international educational researchers, and regularly creates and presents professional learning in the interests of teachers.