Vesna Veljkovic

Vesna is currently the Relieving Head Teacher EAL/D at Fairfield High School. Vesna has a particular interest in the EAL/D aspect of English teaching and learning and has extensive experience in teaching the English course to EAL/D students. Her deep knowledge of linguistics and great awareness of the nature of learners for whom English is an additional language, enable her to teach and support teachers in developing the language competence of EAL/D students, so that they fully participate not only in their English course but also in other aspects of their schooling. Vesna has developed and implemented a range of teaching and learning programs for Stage 4-6 English junior and senior courses and has led the EAL/D differentiation and inclusion of ESL scales as corresponding to the English outcomes in the programs. She has also initiated, developed and led a range of whole-school literacy programs and professional learning sessions with a particular focus on teaching extended response writing through scaffolding, modelling and joint construction. Vesna is currently the school leader of the Leading EAL/D Education Project with a focus on developing guidelines for co-teaching to improve students’ academic proficiency.