Sam Schroder

Sam Schroder is a leader in the delivery of the English Studies course in NSW. She was a classroom teacher when her school was selected to pilot the course in 2009. This led to work with the Department of Education, the then Board of Studies (now NESA) and as a representative of NSW to ACARA, specifically in the development of the Stage 6 English Framework for the new Australian Curriculum. With a decade of delivering the course in her classroom across three schools, leading and mentoring staff as a Head Teacher in two schools, presenting on the course in every conference setting in the state (including two English Studies conferences she ran herself), consulting on the course and working on the development of support documents for teachers with both the DoE and NESA, Sam has been a relentless advocate for this relevant, meaningful, rigorous course that meets a very real need in our schools. Sam is thrilled to join the CPL line up to work with English teachers in developing their confidence and competence in delivering English Studies at the English Conferences in 2020.