Tammy Anderson

Tammy Anderson is a Biripi woman who has grown up with her family on Dharawal country in Airds, NSW. Tammy first started teaching in 2002 as an Aboriginal Education Resource Teacher at Briar Road Public School. A role that she believes developed in her a strong understanding of individualised learning and the importance that culture plays in academically and culturally developing Aboriginal students. Tammy has forged a successful career in education and ensures that Aboriginal Education is at the forefront in both the schools and community in which she has worked in and lived. Tammy has drawn her inspiration for teaching and her passion for Aboriginal Education from both her family and school mentors including her own primary school Aboriginal Education Officer.

Tammy is committed to ensuring that high expectations set the foundation for strong teacher-student relationships for all students within Briar Road Public School. The school is significant to her as she attended there as a student and led the school as the first Aboriginal school captain in 1990. In 2013, she was appointed to the school as Principal where she strongly believes that the change in outcomes for disadvantaged children and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are possible through developing strong school culture, empowering community partnerships and the delivery of high quality curriculum that caters to each child’s needs.

She is a mother, a Principal and a community member who relishes in watching those she works with rise up and achieve.