Hannah Archer-Lawton

Hannah Archer-Lawton (relieving convenor) started shadowing Claudia Vera in the role of officer with carriage of disability matters in the beginning of 2019. She has a background in speech pathology, English and Drama secondary teaching and has spent the past few years working and studying a Masters in Special Education. These experiences have shaped her mainstream teaching, as well as her teaching in support settings, and made her even more passionate about ensuring every student has access to a quality education with purpose, opportunities and high expectation. Her teaching has been predominantly across rural NSW. She grew up volunteering for her mum’s business – Springsure Farmability – a farm stay for adults with disabilities. Her mother’s work pushes boundaries, expands horizons and focuses on what people can do – their abilities. Having this background as inspiration cements what she does in special education and she is proud to be working with the Teacher’s Federation in this area.