Professor Greg Noble

Greg Noble is Professor at the Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University. Greg has been involved in research in multiculturalism and education for thirty years. His interests have centred around the relations between youth, ethnicity, gender and schooling, as well as aspects of curriculum and pedagogy in multicultural education programs. He also has broader research interests in issues of migration and intercultural relations, with a particular focus on the Lebanese diaspora. He has published eight books: Convivialities (2017) Cultural Pedagogies and Human Conduct (2014), Disposed to Learn (2013), On Being Lebanese in Australia (2010), Lines in the Sand (2009), Bin Laden in the Suburbs (2004), Kebabs, Kids, Cops and Crime (2000) and Cultures of Schooling (1990). His latest book – Multicultural Education for a Culturally Complex World: Doing Diversity Differently, with Megan Watkins – will be out in 2018. He has also worked with many community and government organisations, including the NSW Department of Education, the NSW Institute of Teachers, the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) and the Human Rights Commission.