Professor Megan Watkins

Megan Watkins is Professor in the School of Education and Fellow in the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University. Her research interests lie in the cultural analysis of education exploring the impact of cultural diversity on schooling and the ways in which different cultural practices can engender divergent habits and dispositions to learning. Megan is the recipient of two Australian Research Council Linkage Grants: 'Rethinking Multiculturalism/ Reassessing Multicultural Education' and 'Discipline and Diversity: Cultural Practices and Dispositions of Learning’. Her recent books include Disposed to Learn: Schooling, Ethnicity and the Scholarly Habitus (Bloomsbury, 2013) with Greg Noble and Discipline and Learn: Bodies, Pedagogy and Writing (Sense, 2012). Megan also has extensive experience as a literacy educator, conducting pioneering work in the field of genre-based approaches to teaching writing. She began her career as an English/History teacher working in high schools in Western Sydney.