Claudia Vera

Claudia Vera was elected as a substantive Officer of the Federation in 2013. She is the Organiser for Camden-Cambelltown and Wollondilly and has carriage of special education matters. She has been involved with the Centre for Professional Learning special education course for mainstream teachers since its inception in 2012.

Claudia is a trained special education teacher and taught at Mary Brooksbank SSP for 7 years. She completed a Bachelor of Education in Special Education (Hons) at the University of Technology Sydney and hopes to continue her Post-graduate Certificate in Research in Special Education, which she commenced at Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC).

Claudia has held numerous Federation positions including Federation Representative, Camden-Campbelltown Association Executive, Association Councillor, Relief Women’s Coordinator, Multicultural Officer and City Organiser. She has been a member of the Federation Executive and is the convenor of the Federation’s Special Education Restricted Committee, as well as a Federation Representative on the BOSTES Special Education Advisory Committee.