Anissa Rajendra

Anissa Rajendra is currently teaching a kindergarten/year one Autism class. She has taught in mainstream classes (K-6) for just over twenty years in schools in the United Kingdom, across Western Sydney, Parramatta, Sydney and in the Illawarra. Anissa became an executive teacher in 2001 and an Assistant Principal in 2003. Ensuring all children are engaged in their own learning as active, motivated and resourceful participants is pivotal to Anissa’s teaching. This mantra supports the planning and delivery of each lesson providing a clear framework from which students with more specific needs can be supported. Anissa has developed school policies and targeted programs for learning and support teams, early intervention programs for pre-kindergarten students (with additional needs and mainstream) and professional learning packages for SLSO’s working in mainstream classrooms. She has developed a strong process that ensures a pro active Learning and Support Team that is sustainable and effective. Anissa has devised professional learning courses for teachers so that they may better understand the critical role they play for students with more specific needs within a mainstream classroom.