Try This: Classroom Management K-6

2 July 2021

Off Class - Try This: Classroom Management K-6 by CPL Podcast

Kathryn Bellach suggests approaches to improve your classroom management...

The mood in your class is set by your behaviour. If you are welcoming, encouraging and positive, the classroom will be too.

  • Explicitly teach behaviour.
  • Create a welcoming environment.
  • Be consistent and fair.
  • Make students feel part of the ‘class team’.
  • Work as part of a school team.
  • Your class are not your responsibility alone.
  • Focus on correcting one behaviour at a time.
  • Prepare students for different settings.
  • Make the room your own.
  • Consider an individual behaviour plan.
  • Plan around student interests.

Find our Takeaway Notes and Graphic Summary attached below.

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