Support for Students with Disability K-12

11 August 2021

Off Class - Support for Students with Disability K-12 by CPL Podcast

Claudia Vera guides you to the support needed for students with disability...

Remember, as a mainstream teacher, you cannot be expected to meet those specialist needs.
Specialist provision is needed for students with disability.

  • Additional supports or accommodations may need to be put in place to enable learning.
  • It is helpful knowing about a diagnosis. What is even more beneficial is to know the person.
  • All of the syllabus documents use a Universal Design for Learning approach.
  • Ask the student or their parent or carer what the student needs in order to access learning.
  • Talk to other people such as previous teachers, the learning support team or the school counsellor.
  • Every school network has a team of support officers to assist the school.
  • Know the schools for specific purposes (SSPs) in your area.

Find our Takeaway Notes and Graphic Summary attached below.

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