New to a Country School K-12

26 August 2021

Off Class - New to a Country School K-12 by CPL Podcast

Cath Jeffery guides you to success in regional and rural NSW…

It is great to live in a country town. You can feel invested in the local history and valued in ways that build lifelong relationships.

  • Get to know your students and the town.
  • Establish boundaries very early and make it clear you are a teacher.
  • Focus on developing your teaching and avoid taking on too much, especially if you are a beginning teacher.
  • Incorporate local resources into your teaching as much as possible.
  • Take time to reflect on your teaching and relationship with the community.
  • Get to know the backgrounds of your students’ families.
  • A lot of residents will have attended and be invested in their local public school.
  • Try to respect and build upon the authentic relationships between the school and community.
  • Find opportunities to include community in ownership of the curriculum.
  • Be an advocate and empower students to work together for positive changes and services in their town.

Find our Takeaway Notes and Graphic Summary attached below.

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