Why podcasts?

Podcasts are a popular and free opportunity to provide access to high quality professional learning audio content for members. Wherever you are and whatever your interests, you can listen to professional conversations about teaching and NSW Public Education whenever you want to. You can select and listen to episodes online at school, or, at other times such as whilst commuting, walking, or engaging in other tasks. You can also sequence and download episodes you want to listen to later.

How long does it take to listen?

Most episodes are between 15-30 minutes in length and the duration of each episode is clearly indicated. Our episodes are designed to be easy, enjoyable and useful and you can pause and start each episode at your convenience. It should only take a few moments and 2-3 clicks to select and listen instantly. Download times will be dependent upon your internet service and usually take just 1-2 minutes.

Is it free to listen?

You can listen and download the JPL Podcast for free at our website. Most popular podcast streaming and subscription services also have free account options that will alert you when new episodes are available and also allow you to create playlists and plan what you listen to next. To stream and download our podcast, you will need an internet connection. So, if you are using a personal device, there may be some charges for using data depending on your plan. You may also be able to download episodes to your device and then listen off-line later for free.

What equipment do I need?

You can listen on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You may choose to use headphones or the device’s speakers for sound.

How do I listen to a podcast?

On our website: press the orange play button for the episode you want and make sure the sound is turned on. If using headphones make sure the headphone jack is plugged into the right spot.

On your device's podcast streaming service: on your phone or tablet click this RSS feed or search for ‘JPL Podcast’ using the podcast button or app and then follow the prompts and press ‘subscribe’. You can also search ‘JPL Podcast’ on your phone, tablet and computer devices using programs such as iTunes and Soundcloud. You will usually need to provide an email address to set up a free account if you do not have one already.

Soundcloud: click this link to go to our podcast on Soundcloud 

iTunesclick this link to go to our podcast on iTunes  

How will I know about new episodes?

The JPL will keep you up to date about new episodes via email as well as NSWTF’s website and social media feeds. If you subscribe using a podcast streaming account such as iTunes, you can use the settings options on your device to ‘turn on’ and ‘allow’ notifications and feeds.

How do I share a podcast?

Please feel free to share the JPL Podcast through your school, networks and organisations. From our website you can share episodes using the ‘send by email’ button or by copying and pasting the URL. Podcast streaming services offer a range of easy sharing platforms and options too.

How do I use the JPL Podcast for Teacher Identified Professional Learning Hours and the Performance and Development Framework?

You can listen to episodes of the JPL Podcast and then identify appropriate teaching standards and update your Maintenance of Accreditation log at the NESA website. The JPL Podcast can inform your planning and goal identification for the Performance and Development Framework.  Listening to episodes can also contribute towards meeting your professional learning goals.

How do I suggest a topic for a new episode or article for the JPL?

The JPL Editor welcomes ideas for proposed episodes and articles. The suggested word length for articles is guided by the section the article is identified for: For Your Classroom (500 words); For Your Staffroom (1000 words); For Your Future (2500 words). Please contact the Editor of the JPL via