Centre for Professional Learning in 2017

Centre for Professional Learning End of Year Report Council - 25 November 2017

By Kathy Deacon
Director, Centre for Professional Learning &
Carly Boreland
Assistant Director, Centre for Professional Learning/Editor, Journal of Professional Learning

8 February 2018

Part 1 - Centre for Professional Learning Courses and Conferences

The 2017 school year saw the continued expansion and consolidation of the Centre for Professional Learning (CPL). 104 events including an unprecedented 5 conferences and 99 courses were offered. 4 online modules were offered multiple times throughout the year. The range of courses also expanded in breadth. Courses were held in Surry Hills, in western Sydney in Blacktown and in the Hunter in Newcastle. Additionally, in an effort to continue to widen the professional learning opportunities of members in regional areas, the CPL also offered courses in the Central West of NSW in Parkes, Tamworth, Lismore, Queanbeyan, Wagga Wagga, Ballina, Bega, Bathurst, Coffs Harbour and Kiama. The CPL conducted the inaugural Multicultural Social Inclusion K-12 Conference and Aboriginal Education in Your School Conference K-12 which were highly evaluated by participants.

The CPL continued to consolidate partnerships with Wollongong University to deliver the online Grammar Modules and Western Sydney University – Education Knowledge Network for course delivery. The CPL also continued its successful partnership with the Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums (ANSWRC) to provide high quality professional learning to support music education in primary schools. Presenters from the ANSWRC, with a wealth of music education expertise, delivered the courses in Surry Hills, The Conservatorium of Music, Lismore, Bega and Bathurst. The partnership with Musica Viva continued with the offering of an online Music K-6 module.

The scope of the 2018 courses will continue to concentrate on the continuing rollout of the new NSW syllabuses which are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and the new Stage 6 syllabuses in History, Science, English and Mathematics. Additionally, however, the CPL Program will contain course offerings which cover other parts of the curriculum and cross curriculum priorities including the creative and performing arts, Aboriginal Education, educational leadership and support for early career teachers. Many of the popular 2017 courses will be offered once again including the major English Stage 6 Conference in term 1 and an Early Stage 1 Conference in term 2. The CPL will hold an inaugural Teacher Librarian K-6 Conference and a Special Education Conference which are both scheduled for Term 3 2017.

Federation Representatives and all schools will be receiving further detailed information about the 2018 courses and CPL events in the months to come. Members will be able to apply for courses and conferences and make any enquiries through the Centre’s website, www.cpl.asn.au. In 2018, the fee of $190 for 1 day courses and $225 for conferences and will apply except those courses dedicated to early career teachers which will continue to have the fee waived. In the usual fashion, schools are asked to meet the relief costs incurred by teachers attending their professional learning courses. All financial members of the NSW Teachers Federation are eligible to apply to attend CPL courses. The NSW Teachers Federation is endorsed to provide NESA Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at Proficient Teacher.

The Teachers Federation and the professional development arm of the union, the CPL, are appreciative of the continued support of members. The CPL will continue to consolidate and expand professional support for teachers in 2018.

The Committee of Management (COM) of the CPL is comprised of the President Maurie Mulheron, the General Secretary John Dixon, Tim Mulroy and Nicole Calnan as the two Council representatives and Jenny Mace and Margaret Vos representing the Executive. The committee has met once each term and has worked tirelessly to oversee and support the operation of the CPL.

Part 2 - Journal of Professional Learning (JPL) and JPL Podcast

In 2017, 33,000 readers accessed 52 JPL articles and 6,300 listeners accessed 12 JPL Podcast episodes through the CPL website.

Significant contributors to the JPL included academics from Victoria University, the University of South Australia and the University of Sydney, as well as contributors from the NSW Education Standards Authority, The State Library of NSW and the Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums. Other significant contributions included Pasi Sahlberg’s ‘Next Big Thing in Education: Small Data’ and support for the new Stage 6 Mathematics, Science, History and English Syllabuses as part of the significant body of work which included 17 new articles published online and delivered electronically to all members in 2017.

The JPL began its inaugural sponsorship of academic programs through its support for the Australian Association for Research in Education’s (AARE) Annual Conference in Canberra, titled ‘Education: What’s politics got to do with it?’. The sponsorship included the opportunity to share information about the Journal of Professional Learning with over 500 research academics from across Australian universities as well as international institutions and organisations. Further opportunities to engage with local, national and international educational institutions will be developed in 2018.

The JPL continued as the professional journal with the largest readership pool in Australia and also continued to be archived by the National Library of Australia. Reading JPL articles and listening to the JPL Podcast contribute towards teacher identified professional learning hours for Maintenance of Accreditation and professional learning goals for the Performance and Development Framework.

The launch of the JPL Podcast was a highly successful and original professional learning offering and extension of the Journal of Professional Learning. Launched on May, 1st, 2017, the JPL Podcast attracted 6,300 listeners to its 12 episodes released regularly throughout Term 2, Term 3 and Term 4. The 30 minute episodes were professional conversations focused on English, Mathematics, Classroom Management, Special Needs, Aboriginal Education and Promotions Positions, as well as support for some new syllabuses including Geography 7-10 and Mathematics 11-12. The JPL Podcast will continue in 2018 with episodes to support other new syllabuses and to improve student writing, reading and cognition already in development.