Teaching Visual Arts K-6


Visual arts is a life skill which enables students to be creative and critical thinkers. Students explore visual arts techniques and apply develop aesthetic judgement when exploring ways of making and representing the world around them. Through the study of visual arts students develop an understanding and respect for, traditions, histories and cultures of artists.

Teaching Visual Arts K-6 is designed for K-6 teachers who wish to unpack the effective teaching of visual arts and will examine practical strategies to develop concepts across the area of visual arts.

The course is organised around three areas:

  • Art and Identity,
  • Places and Spaces,
  • Art Appreciation-unpacking an artwork.

Resources that are suitable for students K-6 will be examined.

By the end of the course, teachers will have improved their professional knowledge by examining the current syllabus for Visual Arts and how that applies to their teaching program. Lesson structure and sequencing of art lessons will be examined.

Teachers will have opportunities to develop their professional knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through the lens of visual arts.

Completing a Teaching Visual Arts K-6 course can be logged as Elective PD and will contribute towards your NESA PD requirements as per NESA's transition arrangements.

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Target Participants

K-6 teachers who wish to review their understanding of teaching visual arts.