Teacher Librarian K-6 Conference - Connection through Stories


This whole day conference will focus on the school library. Teacher librarians play a vital role in schools through their work with students encouraging them to read and explore texts. In addition teacher librarians support classroom teachers through their knowledge of available resources for classroom teaching. The focus of this conference is connection through stories.

There will be six sessions throughout the day and a variety of speakers. Mary-Ellen Betts, Jenny Williams and Sandra Rowan work as educational consultants in a number of NSW schools. Dr Stephanie Owen Reeder is an Australian author and Kate Colley will also present sessions. There will be an opportunity for a panel of teacher librarians to share what is happening in their schools.

Session 1: Unpacking the layers in a book
Jenny Williams

Session 2: Connecting to our history
Dr Stephanie Owen Reeder

Session 3: Interview: Introducing the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Presenters: Dr Stephanie Owen Reeder and Mary-Ellen Betts

Session 4: Cross Curriculum and connection to stories
Sandra Rowan

Session 5: What’s brand new?
Kate Colley

Session 6: What’s happening in the library with 3 current teacher librarians

Bringing it all together: Presenter:
Mary-Ellen Betts
Bringing the various threads of the day together and discussing where to next?


Completing a Teacher Librarian K-6 Conference will contribute 5 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing: 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Evaluation Comments:

  • Loved the resources and sharing of different snapshots from other libraries.
  • I can honestly say that every session was worthwhile. It was fantastic that is was K-6 focussed so the whole day was relevant.
  • Great balance of practical and theoretical ideas that were presented in a practical but motivating means to inspire teachers to implement new ideas into own library programs.
  • …linking of books to curriculum – full of great ideas. Like the practical tips of how to use books for activities.
  • Rich discussion about texts and unpacking images – really practical tips…Maths picture books in library.

Target Participants

Teacher Librarians K-6


Six talks will be delivered during the day. There will be a panel of three current teacher librarians who will discuss what is happening in their libraries. The delivery is conference style

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