Supporting Students with ADHD in 7-12


This course will be delivered by Dr Rose Dixon and will be relevant to teachers working in both mainstream and special education settings in NSW Public Schools. 

Participants will develop up to date research-based knowledge and will be informed on how to implement evidence-based teaching strategies based on: 

  • What teachers need to know about ADHD 
  • Implementing an effective teaching and learning environment 
  • Specific challenges for literacy


Participants will be able to: 

  • Develop an understanding of the 3 main types of ADHD.
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan for the diversity of learners and identify appropriate teaching strategies for the students they teach. 
  • Identify key teaching strategies for students with ADHD in years 7-12 settings which are directly related to individual student’s characteristics.
  • Explore a range of strategies which address the needs of students with ADHD in the areas of cognitive and social/emotional intelligence.  
  • Develop an understanding for the need for explicit instruction in the essential components of literacy in every classroom, every day.  
  • Develop strategies to help students with ADHD access the 7-12 curriculum, with a particular focus on literacy.  
  • Enhance ability to choose appropriate literacy websites and applications for students with ADHD.


Completing 'Supporting Students with ADHD in Years 7-12' can be logged as Elective PD and will contribute towards your NESA PD requirements as per NESA's transition arrangements.

Target Participants

Relevant to teachers working in both secondary mainstream and special education settings.


Online via Zoom