Statistics for Mathematics and Science Teachers – Stage 6 Online


To be successful in the modern Mathematics and Science syllabuses, students need to be expert at statistical analysis including deriving trends, patterns and relationships in data and information, as well as, assessing error, uncertainty and limitations in data.

This course will help you navigate the statistical requirements of the various Mathematics and Science syllabuses (7-12) and to explore the considerable overlap in content​. This course is as much about spreadsheets as statistics. Please make sure you have access to Google sheets as we will be sharing online and have an up to date version of Excel. We will show you how to use the free downloadable statistics add-on package and let spreadsheets do the heavy lifting.

Within three sessions, course participants will:

Session 1 - Combined Mathematics and Science teachers

  • Use surveys to collect large amounts of data from simple experiments
  • review basic statistical descriptions of data
  • analyse first-hand and secondary datasets with Excel and Google Sheets
  • visually represent data in graphical form using Excel and Google Sheets

Session 2 - Combined Mathematics and Science teachers

  • describe variance in data and analyse normal distributions
  • analyse bivariate data sets

Session 3 - Separate Mathematics and Science teachers

  • develop engaging teaching activities
  • Advanced and Extension statistical techniques

Completing Statistics for Mathematics and science Teachers – Stage 6 - Online can be logged as Elective PD and will contribute 5 hours towards your NESA PD requirements as per NESA's transition arrangements. 

Target Participants

Stage 6 Science teachers

Stage 6 Mathematics teachers

Other interested Science and mathematics teachers


This course is online via Zoom

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