Stage Three Conference - Fostering academic growth and social capability

This whole day conference will focus on the particular needs of students in stage three as they grow and develop towards the transition to secondary school. This conference will explore some teaching and assessment ideas related to English and maths in stage 3. Resilience and maximizing individual learning will be discussed. Through the options offered on the day teachers will gain an understanding of how to effectively impact student learning in grades five and six.

There will be 6 speakers. All are experienced K-6 teachers. Mary-Ellen Betts, Jenny Williams and Sandra Rowan work as educational consultants in a number of NSW schools. Beth Edgley, Catherine Myson and Amanda Delvecchio have recent teaching experience in stage three classes and will be sharing their experiences.

The day will consist of two plenary talks as well as a number of workshop sessions.

Participants will be able to select two elective sessions across the day.

Plenary 1: The middle school learner

Presenter: Catherine Myson

Students in stage three are changing at a very rapid pace, physically, socially and cognitively. This session explores how teachers can best address student needs in stage 3.

Workshop Sessions:
(participants will choose two sessions to attend)

A: Learner centred maths

Presenters: Catherine Myson and Sandra Rowan

This session explores how to equip students to continue learning successfully through stage three and into stage four in maths.

B: Learning conversations

Presenters: Amanda Delvecchio and Mary-Ellen Betts

At Granville East Public School the focus for reporting student learning to parents is through learning conversations. In this workshop Amanda and Mary-Ellen will share how students are supported as they make choices about the topic and structure of their conversations in order to prepare their presentations. They will also share how the teachers are enriched by these learning conversations and the powerful insights they have gained into the learners in their classroom.

C: Fostering a love of reading

Presenters: Beth Edgley and Jenny Williams

Our goal as teachers is to keep students interested in reading but by stage three this can be a challenge. Beth and Jenny will explore a variety of ways to maintain student learning and continue to develop a love of reading.

Plenary 2: Active and engaged learners in Stage 3

Presenter: Beth Edgley

This session explores raising student engagement though personalised learning strategies. A range of formative assessment strategies and visible thinking ideas will be unpacked.

Panel Discussion and Close:

Presenters: Jenny Williams, Sandra Rowan and Mary-Ellen Betts

This panel discussion will draw together the threads of each session and encourage participants to leave with an answer to the question, ‘where to next?’

Cost $250


Completing a Stage Three Conference - Fostering Academic Growth and Social Capability conference will contribute 5 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing: 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Target Participants

Stage 2 and 3 teachers, supervisors and executive teachers. Secondary Year 7 Advisors wishing to gain additional insights into stage 3 learners in primary schools.


There will be 2 plenary talks and a range of workshop sessions with some choice for participants. Discussion and sharing by participants will be a feature of the day.