Secondary English Conference "...Stories and truths..."


"Stories and truths" and English teachers

The English team is back… ready to share the wonders of English… its place in our lives… why it matters so much.

               What is it that we as English teachers do that is unique,
                           life-enriching… indispensable?

          Close your eyes and imagine a world without art, stories
                                     or… English teachers.

Come to the 2021 English Conference to re-connect with and re-affirm your own narrative as an English teacher in the company of other passionate, public educators.

This conference will promote and celebrate the central place and powerful nature of our subject, and the important role English teachers play in the twenty first century.

Professor Jackie Manuel leads the experienced team of Deb McPherson, Jane Sherlock, Steve Henry, Jowen Hillyer, Rosemary Henzell, Zenna Diab, Vesna Veljkovic and Sam Schroder.

Sessions will include:

  • Why our stories and truths define our lives as English teachers
  • The latest research and its application to the English classroom
  • A focus on building student engagement, capacity and capital- starting at year 7 to ensure that by Year 12 students are well equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding, for the HSC and beyond.
  • Inspiring texts and strengthening reading, writing and creativity in years 7-12
  • Separate sessions on classroom voices: Reading to Write, Craft of Writing, EAL/D, English Studies
  • Panel of experts sharing insights about the HSC English examinations of 2019 and 2020

Completing Secondary English Conference “...Stories and truths...” can be logged as Elective PD and will contribute towards your NESA PD requirements as per NESA's transition arrangements.

The NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre is a registered COVID safe business and all courses are run in compliance with the Federation's COVID safety plan.

Target Participants

Secondary English teachers 7-12


face to face