K-6 English: Connect, Create & Communicate!


Please note that this is a three-day course but each episode can also stand alone. Although particiants will benefit greatly from attending all episodes, they can enrol for one, two, or all three days.

The focus of this three day course presented by Kathy Rushton and Joanne Rossbridge is to develop understandings and strategies for participants to support students in the English K-6 subject area in mainstream classrooms whilst also considering the needs of EAL/D learners.

In three connected episodes we will focus on a model of language and the teaching and learning cycle to select and plan for the use of texts across the various modes of reading, speaking and listening and writing.  With the selection of quality literature, we will consider the explicit teaching of language features/grammar, vocabulary and spelling in context.

Practical strategies will be provided to engage students with texts while also developing their language and literacy skills. Throughout, participants will have opportunities to develop their own lesson plans or teaching sequences with links made to the English K-6 Syllabus.

Episode 1 - Thursday 10 March 2022

Reading (literature; vocabulary; EAL/D)

  1. A framework for text deconstruction: Field, Tenor and Mode
  2. Vocabulary to link reading and writing
  3. Strategies for field building
  4. Selecting and reading texts
  5. Modelling reading: cognitive, social and personal benefits of reading for enjoyment
  6. Responding to reading

Episode 2 - Friday 3 June 2022

Speaking and listening (language; spelling; EAL/D)

  1. English as a morpho-phonemic language: spelling
  2. The mode continuum – Talk as process and performance
  3. Translanguaging
  4. Strategies: for speaking and listening
  5. Working with texts
  6. Developing a lesson plan

Episode 3 - Friday 2 September 2022

Writing (literacy; grammar; EAL/D)

  1. A model of language to support students with literacy, writing/reading and grammar
  2. Identifying features of texts
  3. The teaching and learning cycle for planning and programming
  4. Selecting texts as models for writing
  5. Supporting EAL/D students
  6. Moving from modelling to joint construction
  7. Developing and sharing a teaching and learning cycle

Target Participants

Classroom teachers K-6