What we do

The Centre for Professional Learning (CPL) is designed to provide high quality professional learning to members of the NSW Teachers Federation. The CPL is a significant provider of professional education in NSW by providing courses and conferences. The CPL aims to offer programs that are useful across the spectrum of a teacher’s career from the early years of teaching to the experienced and leadership levels. Courses are conducted in-person, as well as online.  Access course and conference information and to apply at: www.cpl.asn.au  

The CPL is the only professional leraning provider committed solely to the professional growth of NSW Teachers Federation members. 

The Journal of Professional Learning (JPL) and the CPL Podcast are an online professional journal and a podcast that seek to enhance the quality of teaching and public education in NSW and Australia through practical articles and professional conversations for teachers. Reading JPL articles and listening to the CPL Podcast may contribute to meeting professional learning goals through the Performance and Development Framework. Access the JPL at: www.cpl.asn.au/journal and the CPL Podcast at: www.cpl.asn.au/podcasts.