The NSW Teachers Federation’s (Federation) Centre for Professional Learning (CPL) provides high quality professional learning and support for Federation members in a range of educational areas.


Tel: 02 92172125

The courses and conferences provide practical, tested and well researched approaches to issues that teachers face every day at the school level. The CPL aims to offer programs that are useful across the spectrum of a teacher’s career from the early years of teaching to the experienced and leadership levels. Courses and conferences are conducted in-person, as well as online. The CPL adds an important extra dimension to the union’s standing both with its members and in the public domain. It boosts the morale of members and makes a positive contribution to the Federation’s ongoing efforts to raise the status of the teaching profession and promote the public education system in the wider NSW community.

Federation members appreciate and support the provision of high quality professional learning being delivered through the CPL at a reasonable cost. This has been acknowledged by Federation Executive, Council, Annual Conference, Associations and by the membership in general. Many members express pride and satisfaction in the way the CPL promotes and advertises the professionalism and accomplishment of teachers and public education. In 2021, the fee for 1 day courses is $200 and $250 incl. of gst. for conferences and will apply except the course Classroom Management through Effective Teaching which will continue to have the fee waived. In the usual fashion, schools are asked to meet the relief costs incurred by teachers attending their professional learning courses. All financial members of the NSW Teachers Federation are eligible to apply to attend CPL courses and conferences.

The CPL's Journal of Professional Learning (JPL) and the CPL podcasts seek to enhance the quality of teaching and public education in NSW and Australia through practical articles and professional conversations for teachers.  The JPL is delivered electronically to members twice a year and new podcast episodes are released regularly during school terms. Reading JPL articles and listening to CPL Podcast episodes add to the suite of professional learning opportunities for the teaching profession.